I want to personally thank you for all of the extra efforts and attention to all the small details that certainly were contributing factors to the amazingly successful selling of our family land in Lakeside, MT this spring. We started on this endeavor with Westward Bound only about one year ago, and in a non-selling half of the year, so to have sold our property this quickly in what still is a persistent slow and cautious real estate market nationwide is just truly astounding. All the way thru the process, you had pinpoint and informed advice for us on such topics as how much capital and how to invest it in our land to dramatically improve its marketable value; when and how to list; how to advertise and market the land to reach the broadest base of potential interested buying parties; how to use the MLS to our best advantage; how to field the offers and maximize the amount the buyer is willing to pay to buy a now desirable piece of property; strategy on counter-offer, and in our case, how to create the incremental additional money that sold our land at a significantly higher price than comparable properties. This is just a partial list of the superbly orchestrated strategy that Shelby used to best benefit us in the sale of our land, the list could go on and on! And, possibly most amazing, to accomplish this in just one short year when others are waiting multiple years to sell their property is our understanding, and for discounted prices, as opposed to our sale which was at an inflated price significantly higher than other comps. This shows true commitment, vision, and dedication on your part, which certainly is not going unnoticed by myself and all of my family members.